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bringing your dream to market

We’ve got a strong track record of bringing drinks to market. Outside of our own range we’ve consulted on a number of gins, and even a range of ready to drink cocktails.

This can be just basic advice, to launching a whole product for you.

We are able to design the liquid and either produce it ourselves for you under your brand (white label), or outsource it to one of our production partners. 

Launching a drinks brand can be complicated and we’re very happy to advise on the various different kinds of licenses that are needed, as well as help with drinks definitions, labelling and all the other hurdles associated with starting your brand.

Whilst we’ve got considerable expertise on distilling and making drinks with wild ingredients, a number of our consulting projects don’t have anything to do with foraging. So don’t worry if this side of the industry isn’t what appeals to you.

However if you do want help with any wild plant based drinks then we can certainly help! We can forage plants ourselves for your drink, or we have a large network of sustainable foragers across the country that we can put to good use.

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Minimum runs

Every product is different so best to get in contact about order runs and costings, but below is a rough outline of quantities. 

If you are after a gin or similar spirit we can produce small test batches of a couple of litres. Full production runs start at 200 litres. 

For canned products production runs would start at 200 litres, but if you want a carbonated product its more cost effective to start at 1000 litres.

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Experience the authentic taste of still wild. Cold distilled, with hand foraged natural botanicals from Pembrokeshire.

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