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rebecca riot cocktail

America has the Manhattan, then Scotland had the Rob Roy. Now its time for Wales to take its rightful place with the Rebecca Riot.

In 1870s New York, the Manhattan was born. American Rye Whisky, Sweet Vermouth and cocktail bitters – the Manhattan became an instant hit still enjoyed to this day.

In 1894 the Rob Roy was created. The exact same drink, but with Scottish Whisky.

Its 2021. Welsh whisky is exploding, and over the next few years we’ve got some very exciting whisky releases coming to market. Its about time we celebrate these whiskies and our exceptional Welsh Vermouth.


Combine the following in a mixing glass with ice.

  • Two measures Welsh whisky (50ml)
  • One measure Welsh Sweet Vermouth (25ml)
  • Two dashes of bitters. I use our own signature bitter (hopefully coming soon!) but Angosturas will be fine.

Stir well for at least 30 seconds until properly chilled and diluted.

Strain into a chilled Nick and Nora. Garnish with a maraschino cherry. Don’t skimp on the cherry quality, it makes a big difference

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