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The Milano-Torino (Mi-To)

This vibrant, bitter cocktail is often seen as the grand father to the Negroni. Not for the faint hearted, or those averse to Campari.

The History

Invented in the 1860’s by Gaspare Campari in Milan. Gaspare invented the cocktail as a way to flog more of his eponymous red spirit. It certainly worked, 150 years later we’re still consuming vast quantities of it and its derivatives. 

The two ingredients are Campari (from Milan), and Sweet Vermouth (from Turin).  Hence the name Milano Torino, although some people now refer to it as the Mi-To. 

In the 20th Century it would eventually morph into the Americano, which would then spawn the Negroni which we know and love today.


I serve this in a tumbler/rocks glass with a large chunk of ice. 


This couldn’t be more simple, you may need to tweak the quantities to make sure they fit your glass of choice and your ice.

  • 35ml Campari
  • 35ml Sweet Vermouth

Pour your Campari and Sweet Vermouth into a mixing glass, stir, then strain into tumbler filled with ice. I like to use a single large ice cube, it keeps the drink cold without changing the dilution. 

You can build this cocktail straight into the glass, just make sure you are able to stir it enough to get the dilution down a bit.

Garnish with either a large swath of orange, or just an orange slice.


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