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How to enjoy our seaweed gin

Our unique seaweed gin is flavoured and inspired by our wild Pembrokeshire coast and the seaweed and coastal botanicals that fill it. We forage our seaweed and rock samphire by hand ourselves, ensuring the highest quality flavour.

Our next two botanicals are Sea Buckthorn berries and Gorse flowers. Both of these spiky bushes are found along the cliffs and sand dunes of our coastline. The gin is then rounded out with thyme, which marries well with savouriness- and bitter orange which compliments the Sea Buckthorn and Gorse.

Our gin is rich and savoury, with hints of umami and an almost briney nose to it. It’s still distilled in the London Dry style, so whilst it retains a lot of character it’s still quite a versatile gin. 

We think the following drinks are a fantastic way of showcasing this unique gin.

Essentially a gin derivative of a bloody mary. The junpier and seaweed and much more character to this drink and match well with tomato juice. 

Once you’ve tried this you’ll find it hard to go back to an ordinary bloody mary!


When we first came up with the concept of our gin we wanted a gin that could match with both our vermouths, and wanted a gin that was at home in a Negroni as it was a Martini. 

The bitter orange and sea buckthorn help tie this gin to the flavour of the Campari and our Sweet Vermouth. Don’t forget the orange garnish, and never use lemon or lime instead!

The classic pairing of dry vermouth and gin. 

Possibly one the most famous savoury cocktails. Seaweed, rock samphire and thyme add that rich umami herbaceousness that melds so well with dry vermouth. 

Whilst we’re big fans of olives in Martini’s, in this instance a lemon twist works slightly better with these liquids

Gin and Tonic

It’s a classic, and for good reason. 

No need for a fancy garnish, although we’ve enjoyed messing around with orange, grapefruit and rosemary on top of the standard garnishes


We think drinking this gin neat is one of the best ways to take in its flavour. The texture if much more obvious and the flavours aren’t clouded by mixers. Have it as is, or with ice. We’ve managed to convert quite a few people to drink gin neat this way, so give it a go!

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