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Americano Recipe

No it’s not a cup of watery coffee. It’s a phenomenal cocktail that deserves a bit more recognition. If you like a Negroni why not taste the drink that made it?


The Americano came from the Milano-Torino. The story goes that American tourists escaping puritanical prohibition America would ask for a Milano-Torino’s but dilute them with soda water. And so the Americano was born.

A favourite of James Bond, it’s the first drink he orders in Casino Royale. He would later explain his love for them in a View to a Kill, claiming it the perfect drink for sitting outside a sunny french cafe. Ian Flemming was certainly onto something there. 


I serve this in a high ball/collins glass.


Its essentially exactly the same as the Milano-Torino, only with soda water.

  • 35ml Campari
  • 35ml Sweet Vermouth
  • 70ml Soda Water

Pour your Campari and Sweet Vermouth straight into your glass with ice. Top up with your soda water and a slice of orange. I love using blood oranges in this recipe when they’re available.

Whilst some cocktails are delicately fine tuned and balanced, this is not one of them. If you want to change the Vermouth/Campari ratio then go for it. Both Vermouth and Soda, and Campari and Soda are delicious drinks in their own right. Drink it how you like it. 

When I’m personally making it for myself then I tone down the Campari just a touch. 

For me this is one of my favourite ways to drink Sweet Vermouth and I personally prefer it to the more popular Negroni. Serve it on a sunny afternoon with some nice olives and some roasted almonds. 

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