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The Story

Still Wild is a micro distillery set in the Pembrokeshire National Park, specialising in distilling locally foraged botanicals.
We’re utterly obsessed with flavour, and wanted to share the tastes of our wild surroundings. In 2020 we launched our first product, and the first ever Vermouth produced in Wales. 
For us it was important to make something that was truly a product of its surroundings. By hand foraging the botanicals that go into every bottle we ended up with a completely unique product that’s still very much a Vermouth.

We do all the production ourselves in house, and by using cold vacuum distillation we’re able to capture far more flavour than traditional distillation. We’ve been fortunate to win a number of awards, and earlier this year one of our Vermouths was voted second globally at the World Vermouth Awards.
We’ve recently expanded our collection to include our new Coastal Gin. Rich and savoury, it’s perfect with either of our vermouths, in a martini or a negroni!
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